Our farm is located in Greece, near the area of Drama. In this area there are many natural water springs that comes from the sides of the mountains. Even in the age of Alexander the great from this springs a castle was built in the name of Alexander’s father Philip. This castle remains in our days. The water is very clean and pellucid and is drinkable without further process. The temperature of the water is kept at 16 to 18 Celsius throughout the year. The farm was built in 1973 were “rainbow” trout fish was successfully breed. From the year 2000 we started to breed a testing batch of sturgeons of species Sterlet (Acipenser Ruthenus), Russian (Acipenser Gueldenenstaedtii) and Siberian (Acipenser Baeri). The fish adapted successfully to the new conditions and gave offsprings. The batch was imported from a fish farm in Ioannina Greece. The pools with concrete walls, the barriers and the bottom from gravel allow the grow of microorganisms and snails that supplement the diet of sturgeons and help achieving the best possible taste quality of our fish. We currently have 27 pools with dimensions 50x5x1. The water that pures into our farm from the springs reaches 1200 litres per second. We also have an incubator with separate pools for reproduction of sturgeons and trout. The larvae remain in the incubator until the reach 5 grams of weight when they are moved to the big pools.